Special Message from Chad about "Hush" and NOMORE

“NO MORE! That’s right! NO MORE! This is something very close to me. I am not here to exploit this cause or “NO MORE” for my own gain, and i wasn’t sitting in a room twisting my goatee plotting for this opportunity when I wrote the lyrics for HUSH. Music to me is an exorcism of the past. It allows me to approach those situations head-on in a way that I can understand them, process them, and while I cannot eliminate them completely – It gives me the ability to deal with them. Music is my voice. It’s cathartic and therapeutic for me.

This is something I have battled through personally, and the “NO MORE” cause was my real life inspiration for HUSH. Over the years, every time I perform these songs I relive those memories, and every time, I take another brick off the wall that has been built, or drop another stone off the load that I carry. Memory and experience is what I have (good or bad) to make better decisions in my life. I hope that you can all take something away from this. Life is full of forgiveness, and I’ve had to forgive to live a more settled life. So forgive, lay down your arms, be a better person and take a stand with me. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Raise your voice and Stand against domestic violence. ‪#‎NOMORE‬ ‪#‎HUSHNOMORE‬ NOMORE.org” – Chad

In honor of ‪#‎NOMOREWeek‬ and in support of NOMORE.org’s mission to end domestic violence and sexual assault, HELLYEAH will be releasing our new single “Hush” TOMORROW…